The Story of RosieRae

By now you have likely read a few million blog posts about what to expect and what to pack for THE BIG DAY when your brand-new family member makes their appearance. And just to add to the confusion, every parent in the neighbourhood has, with the best intentions, also been feeding you bits of advice. So yes, the last few weeks before your little human arrives is a mixed bag of uncertainty and anticipation. You have ticked off the baby room, and the baby grows are washed and ironed, ready to be filled with a warm, tiny body. All that’s left to do is wait and worry.

Oh, and pack your baby bag…

The RosieRae MultiBag Backpack comes already packed with all the baby care products you need for your little one during the first few days of life with mom and dad. And just to be sure, we’ve consulted a certified mid-wife on which essentials go into our BabyCare Kits. It’s designed to be functional and comfortable, especially considering that after baby arrives, leaving the house will no longer be a case of simply grabbing your phone, wallet and keys and nipping out. The RosieRae MultiBag Backpack also sits snugly so you have both your arms available to carry baby or steer the pram. And believe us, you’ll need all the arms and legs you can get your hands on.

We created and designed the RosieRae MultiBag Backpack & BabyCare Kit to give your family peace-of-mind in a time when up seems down and down seems up, so you can give all your attention to the Little Thing that needs it most.